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natory realism merges

story and the contemporary.""It's hard for me to keep up wit▓h all of the great (Chinese) authors who are▓ being brought into English," he said. "So I've been responding to that by teaching le▓ss and less of the early major authors from 100 years ago."What also

caught Laughlin's attention is the emergence of▓ Chinese science fiction, particularly Liu Cixin's Hugo Award-winning Three-Body Problem, in recent years."They are becoming not only popular among Chinese readers, but also across the world," he said. "There s

eems to be a lot more excitement and attention to them than any other movement or group of Chinese writers who has emerged since the 1980s. So I adopt more and more of this."The scholar noted▓ that modern Chinese culture "kind of origina▓ted with the adoption and translation of West▓ern science fiction into Chinese" and▓ Lu Xun, Lin Shu and

folk tales, hi

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